What kind are we making?

So, given all these kinds of operating systems, what kind are we making?

The answer is “it doesn’t even matter at first.” There’s some commonality in almost all of these styles of operating systems, and we have to get all that done before we even make those decisions.

Secondly, we could waste a lot of time trying to design our perfect OS. And then never actually build it. Remember, the goal here is to learn, not to make the best OS that ever existed. So really, what it ends up looking like just doesn’t really matter at all. Most hobby operating system projects die quite young.

Let’s focus on the doing, and less on the categorization, planning, and being. A nice thing about operating systems is that there’s a lot of freedom of direction. To tie it back into the example earlier, Phil’s tutorial starts going into memory-management after getting printing to the screen going. We’ll be going into keyboards first instead. There are, of course, some dependencies, but there’s also a lot of freedom.