These weeks in intermezzOS 3

Written by Steve Klabnik

It’s been… quite a long time since TWII2. A lot of stuff has happened! There were also some long periods of stuff not happening as well. We’ll try to be a bit more frequent in the future! Read on for more!

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This week’s edition was edited by: steve.

Updates to the book

Repository for the book:

The book hasn’t had new text lately because we’ve been working on improving the code for the next sections. The VGA chapter should happen soon!

Updates to the kernel

Repository for the kernel:


Repository for RFCs:

We haven’t had any new RFCs lately. As we get more into the design of the kernel, this will be a big deal!

Other news

@ashleygwilliams gave a talk about intermezzOS at RustFest! Slides are here

In preparation for the workshop at Rust Belt Rust, @steveklabnik and @ashleygwilliams have re-done the VGA code, with tests. It’s linked above in the kernel section. However, this will become a big exercise during the workshop, and so it has its own repository as well.

Now that we don’t need our own fork of libcore, is no longer needed, and will be deleted soon.