This week in intermezzOS 2

Written by Ashley Williams

It’s been a whole month since our last weekly(-ISH) update- and we’ve had a lot of great contributions and new contributors. Highlights include a new chapter, “Jumping into Long Mode”, native support on Windows machines thanks to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, and an awesome fix to a bug in the scrolling implementation. Read on for more!

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This week’s edition was edited by: ashleygwilliams.

Updates to the book

Repository for the book:

  • Added a new section, “Paging”, to a new chapter, “Jumping into Long Mode”. Thanks to everyone for the great comments during the review of this large PR! (#91, steveklabnik)
  • Added a git clone step to the README. (#92, dleve123)
  • Improved the table formatting in the Paging section, and added a comment to a code sample. (#93, steveklabnik)
  • Added a section to that provided specific instructions to Windows 10 Insider Preview users who want to use Bash on Ubuntu on Windows. This allows them to natively run intermezzOS- no VM requried! (#96, DJSundog)
  • Updated Rust installation instructions to use rustup. (#95, DJSundog)
  • Fixed a typo in the Paging section. (#97, smaximov)
  • Corrected a mistake in the explanation of left-shift. (#98, dhardy)
  • Added a new section, “Setting Up a GDT”, to the “Jumping into Long Mode” chapter. (#94, steveklabnik)
  • Fixed another typo in the Paging section. (#102, Razican)
  • Elaborated on and improved the introduction of the Paging section thanks to LaylConway‘s feedback. (#101, rylev)
  • Fix a lingering mention of multi-rust to mention rust up. (#107, fixes #106, moosingin3space)
  • Clarify that mul takes just one argument in the Paging section. (#109, Digipom)
  • Fix a typo in the “Running in QEMU” section. (#111, jdanford)
  • Fix a type in the “Hello World” section. (#112, jdanford)

Updates to the kernel

  • Fixed a bug in the implementation of scrolling that incorrectly calculated the position index if it was the same size as the buffer. Also reduced the size of the buffer. (#30, fixes #3, WilsonGiese)

  • UPCOMING: Large refactor of the interrupt table. (interrupt_refactor branch, steveklabnik)


Repository for RFCs:

We haven’t had any new RFCs lately.

Other news